Arbor Plant Health Care

Team Arbor

The name “Arbor” comes from the word Arboriculture which means caring for trees and shrubs in the landscape. “Plant Health Care” is a proactive approach aimed at keeping trees and shrubs healthy while considering other plants in the landscape.

Our mission at Arbor Plant Health Care is to provide a proactive approach and preventive measures to keep trees and shrubs safe and healthy. Through our certified and professional practices, trees and shrubs can be kept safe and healthy for years to come. Remember, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Plant Health Care is what has inspired the company from the beginning. The vision for the business has been to create a company focused on tree and plant health. Although over the years we have taken on commercial projects with Asplundh and Halifax Regional Municipality, our main focus and passion is still caring for residential properties.  We do this with our extensive skill set and use of specialized machinery. With regards to tree and shrub services, our main structural focus involves pruning or removing large trees, stump removal, emergency storm and wind damage, and structural bracing.  We also dedicate our time to planting and transplanting new or existing plants, tree and shrub fertilizing, insect and disease treatment and prevention, developing plant health care programs and consulting and planning for your individual landscapes. 

While we are always interested in building our business and establishing working relationships with other companies we view our relationship with you as a personal one and we do not share your information with other companies or put you on any mailing lists without your express permission.  You can see our Privacy Policy here.

All about Arbor Safety 

The way we work may make it seem easy.  But if you give it a little thought, working at heights, using one of the most dangerous tools, a chain saw, could be considered dangerous work.  And it is.  However, our crews are all well trained.  Really!  We do basic training every year and have standard safety procedures in place.  We take the time to do it right and do it safely. Does it take a little longer?  Sometimes. Is it worth it? Yup!  In all our years in business, we have not had one significant/reportable injury. However, we are fully insured for liability, workers’ compensation, and injury. 

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