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Arbor Plant Health Care takes pride in caring for trees and shrubs. We have complied literature written by Arbor Plant Health Care staff over the years about the care of trees. Click through the article links below to learn more about arboriculture.

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storm proofing

Be Proactive: Storm Proofing Your Trees

Storm Proofing Trees Have you looked at the health of the trees around your home lately? Are they ready for the increasing winds that fall can bring? You may want to consider storm proofing your trees! How often do we wait for trees to blow over, split in half and break branches before we do

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property value

How Trees Can Increase Your Property Value

Trees Add Value to Your Property When it comes to real estate and home values in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, and surrounding communities, curb appeal is paramount to your property value. Hiring a local Nova Scotia tree service contractor can be a worthwhile investment which can pay for itself many times over in increased home value.

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Nova Scotia Arborist Resources

Nova Scotia Arborist Resources   Would you like a certified arborist to take a look at your property? Contact us today for a FREE quote and property visit!   We’ve complied a list of the most respected arboriculture related web resources on the internet. International Society of Arboriculture The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) has

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tree safety

Recognizing Hazards and Tree Safety

Recognizing Tree Safety and Possible Hazards Trees provide great benefits to our property and communities. However, they can become liabilities if they fall and can potentially injure people or property. Proper care, such as regular property assessments by a certified arborist, can make a property safer and help extend the life of the tree. Tree

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spring clean up

Spring Clean Up

It’s spring clean up time again! Was the long winter hard on your trees and shrubs? Need a spring clean up? Contact us today to book a free inspection of your property by a certified arborist. Remember the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Spring is a great time for tree

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planting a tree

The Process of Planting a Tree

Planting a Tree   How to plant a tree The following guide discusses techniques suited for planting a tree in the type of environment found in and around Halifax and Dartmouth NS. We can help! Request a free site visit today. Contact us today to GET A FREE QUOTE More information on how to plant

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tree fertilization

Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilization Why Fertilize Your Trees? Arbor Plant Health Care’s certified Arborists have compiled a complete guide to fertilization for trees in the HRM, Halifax, Dartmouth, and surrounding communities. See the lists below for a detailed, point-form outline of tree fertilization. Fertilizing is an important part of almost any plant health care program. Trees often need

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tree pruning

Tree Pruning in the Winter

Winter Tree Pruning Service Often we do not think about pruning our trees in the winter. Trees are the last thing on our mind. It is a cold time of year (especially in Nova Scotia) with short days and we spend less time in the yard. DID YOU KNOW? Winter can be the most advantageous

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tree pruning

Tree Pruning to Train Young Trees

Tree Pruning to Train Young Trees Training young trees refers to a specific method used to establish good form and structure of trees at an early age. The pruning of young trees is often overlooked. Property owners may not think about hiring a tree pruning contractor until trees are large and develop a problem, however,

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leaves change colour

Why do Leaves Change Colour every year?

Why Leaves Change Colour It is commonly asked “why do leaves change colour?” Every fall trees reveal beautiful fall colours such as red, yellow, and orange which is the result of a chemical process taking place within the tree.   The Use of A Tree’s Leaves During Summer During the spring and summer leaves act

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All articles of a technical nature or that give specific advice on plants were written by an Arbor Plant Health Care, ISA certified, tree care specialist from Nova Scotia. Arbor Plant Health care has certified and consulting arborist to service the HRM, Halifax, Dartmouth, Timberlea, Tantallon, Truro, Bedford, Hammonds Plains, and surrounding areas. Call or email today for a free landscaping, tree pruning, or tree removal quote.