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This was written for the Spring of 2022, however all the information applies to any dry year and even just times when it may be a bit dryer than normal. We hope there is some useful information here.

Plant Care in Dry Times

One of my biggest concerns so far this season is how dry things are.  Our Spring has not been warm, but there has not been much precipitation either.  We have already encountered numerous forest fires this year in May.  When I was growing up it seemed like I mostly heard of forest fires in the summer months, July and August.  I did grow up in central Newfoundland and have seen snow flurries in July, but it really seems to be a trend that things are drier, and fires are happening earlier and more often.

tree disease control

Plants get thirty If anyone has been digging in the ground, the soil is like powder already, it is so dry.  As it looks like we are destined for another dry year, I worry that our plants may suffer from drought stress.  This may show up in browning of foliage and wilting this season, more attacks from insects and disease from a weakened plant, or more dieback in the tops of trees next season.  So, the questions you may be asking are what can be done to help alleviate drought stress?  A few simple things will help, but with your plants it is more of many small things over a long period of time. 

Tree disease control – keep then healthy!

  1. Keep your plants healthy in dry times.  A healthy plant is more likely to deal with stress better than an unhealthy plant (Sounds similar to us right?!).   We often neglect to think about the most important part of a plant – the roots below ground.  What does the roots grow in?  Well soil of course.  So, what is one of the best ways to help plants fend off drought stress and many other problems?  Give the roots a good place to grow.  Proper soil care is vital to having a thriving plant!
  2. Mulch.  A natural layer of bark mulch will help hold water better and keep soil moist.  Also, natural mulch will break down over time, adding organic material back into the soil.
  3. Water.  Believe it or not when things get really hot and dry not only your annuals need water.  Your trees and shrubs need water too.  It is vital for newly planted trees or shrubs to get enough water.

Arbor is here to help with any or all of the above if you have any questions or concerns.

Proper Hydration for us! Plants get thirsty and so do we.

Yesterday my son William, spent some time watering our vegetable garden.  Hard to get some of those small seeds to germinate when there is little precipitation!  He also spent some time repotting some smaller plants.  We always have a project on the go planting or transplanting things.  Somehow, after all the watering and work he did outside he forgot to hydrate himself!  I think we too often forget the importance of watering our plants, but often neglect staying hydrated ourselves!  If we don’t stay hydrated, we can feel sluggish, tired, get muscle cramps, and have headaches.  Coming into summer we are more than likely going to be having some hot and humid days.  It is very important to take the time to drink water or an electrolyte drink.  If we are doing any physical exertion, we can quickly become dehydrated.  Dehydration can happen quickly and turn into a headache, heat exhaustion and even worse a heat stroke. 

tree disease control