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sometime old ways are the best ways

At Arbor Plant Health care we have been doing business since 2005. I started the business with the intention of providing top quality work and named the business Arbor plant health care as the intention was not just to cut and prune trees, but rather to foster the health and beauty of plants and trees. Becuase, well really, I love trees! We also plant trees and would like to plant more!

Yes, we do a lot of pruning and cutting trees down, but that is necessary. And we are very good at it, and are very safe in our work. We don’t take chances or take shortcuts, and we have the right equipment for each job. We do direct climbing of trees when that is needed as well as have a bucket truck and a 70-foot range scissors lift. A spider lift!

some things never change
Which do you prefer?

So we all know that things are changing, and changing fast enough to make one’s head spin, but some our values, and priorities, are things like:

  • Safety
  • Honesty
  • Thoroughness
  • Fairness
  • Kindness
  • Decency
  • Integrity

These days it seems like profit and efficiency are becoming more important than other factors. Of course, to stay in business one does have to make a profit, and to make a profit one does have to be efficient. But it seems efficacy and automation are becoming more important than things like communication, humanity and understanding.

We do use automaton and software tools where ever we can to make sure we don’t forget things, or miss something. We also want to be sure we are not wasting time that costs you or us money by repeating things necessarily. At the same time we think it is important to maintain some sense of balance and not lose touch with the fact that we are all people. We want to make sure that as a company, as a business we always treat our customers as people first and numbers on a ledger after that. As a business owner I also have to be sure that the employees are treated fairly both by myself, the business owner and even by the customers or suppliers.

As our world continues to get more automated and money-focused it is important to me that we all continue to not lose sight of what is actually important. Thinks like basic human kindness, family, community and commerce that is intended to serve the customer, rather than just seeing the customer as a source of revenue.

In this regard, as a customer or Arbor Plant Health Care, we do value our business relationship as well as our commonality as members of a local community. If you ever feel we have not delivered what you expected, in the way you would expect it to be delivered, I would like to hear about.

some things never change

To use a very old slogan:
If you like our work, please tell others. If you don’t like our work, please tell us.
We will do our best to make it right.