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Regardless of what the winter was like, it seems like EVERYONE starts calling in the Spring. Sometimes it comes early and warm, and sometimes, well not so much. But at some point, everyone realizes winter is over.

So what about Springtime and scheduling?

In any case, we do our very best to arrive when we say we will. And for that reason, we will sometimes give you a date a bit further into the future than you would like. Just as the quality and value of our work is important to us, it is also important that we don’t make promises we don’t keep regarding scheduling the work. However, one thing we do prioritize is “hazard work” and emergency work. To define these two terms simply:

  • Emergency work. If a tree falls on your house, car or power line or even if it is just across your driveway or your neighbor’s driveway, we may bump an already scheduled job to get these things taken care of. But we will not add on extra work” just because we are there.
  • Hazard work. Put simply, a situation where it may become an emergency very soon. A tree or major branch is about to fall on your house, car, power line, etc.

We will do our best to get to your job as soon as we can, taking into consideration factors such as available staff, equipment, location, weather and other safety factors. Some jobs should not be done in high winds or wet conditions may make it unwise to move equipment across your lawn, to name just two factors.

We use a software program called Arborgold to help with our scheduling, location services and keeping track of your tree and plant inventory as well as any special notes about your preferences or specific factors that pertain to your property. But most importantly, we have a dedicated scheduling person who works closely with our work crews, who are also our sales people. We know it is a trending thing to say, but in the case of Arbor Plant Health Care, our people are the most important factor in delivering quality services, safely to you. In fact, the high importance we place on having the right people on staff is currently limiting our growth. The people we hire must be very good at the work they do or really willing to learn to do things “the Arbor way”, and we really only want to hire people who actually like the work they do.

What is the “Arbor Way”

  • Safety first,
  • honesty,
  • being competent in the work they do,
  • having respect for themselves, their co-workers and the customer,
  • having pride in, and getting enjoyment from the work we do.