Storm Proofing Trees

Have you looked at the health of the trees around your home lately? Are they ready for the increasing winds that fall can bring?

How often do we wait for trees to blow over, split in half and break branches before we do anything about it? We are often reactive when it comes to hiring a tree care service for emergency tree removal or maintenance rather than proactively hiring a tree maintenance service to maintain and care for our trees. In the end, this scenario may mean that the trees must be removed. This fate can be avoided by preparing our trees for the elements by performing regular and proper tree pruning.

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Why Hire a Nova Scotia Tree Service to Prune Trees for Weather?

You ask “why should we prune the trees in our landscape around our homes?” Trees in the forest aren’t pruned, but the difference is that the trees in the forest act as a community and protect each other. Trees in the landscape are often single trees with lots of room to grow and having no competition allows limbs to get big and heavy.

Warning Signs of Dangerous Trees in Nova Scotia

There are a number of warning signs to look for in the trees in your landscape that may indicate bad tree structure and possible safety hazards:

  • Large dead limbs
  • Weak branch attachments with tight crotches
  • Co-dominant leaders with included bark (weak attachments)
  • Big, long, heavy limbs that may hold a lot of ice & snow
  • Decay (mushrooms & conks are often a sign of decay)
  • Cracks
  • Heavy lean

Tree Pruning Service to Prevent Tree Hazards in Nova Scotia

Many of these structural problems can be helped through proper pruning practices. Some suggestions to storm proof your tree include:
  • Remove large dead limbs
  • Remove or reduce branches with bad structure
  • Use tree support systems for co-dominant leaders
  • Long heavy limbs can be cut back to reduce leverage & weight
  • Reduce weight in trees with decay or consider for removal
  • Some cracks can be supported with tree support systems or consider removing
  • Remove weight from side of tree with heavy lean
  • Hire a tree pruning service in Nova Scotia to ensure properly thinned trees. This ensures that they will catch less wind & snow

These are just a few things to consider when looking at your trees. Pruning is one way to help storm proof our trees. Remember once the tree is damaged there is often not much we can do as an arborist to fix it. Once a tree is removed it takes many years to replace it. Be proactive. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Authored by: Arbor Plant Health Care

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