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Trees Add Value To Your Property

When it comes to real estate and home values in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, and surrounding communities, curb appeal is paramount.

Hiring a local Nova Scotia tree service contractor can be a worthwhile investment which can pay for itself many times over in increased home value.

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Tree Services to Increase Curb Appeal and Property Values in Nova Scotia

Nothing affects your home’s curb appeal more than the landscaping and trees that surrounds it.

How Trees Affect Our Quality of Life

There are a number of ways the trees on your property can increase your quality of living. Properties in Nova Scotia are no exception.

  • Environmentally. Use carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, reduces pollution.
  • Properly placed trees reduce heating & cooling costs.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Offer comfort. Shade, wind block, nature’s air conditioner.
  • Home for wildlife.
  • Privacy, screening, noise reduction.

The Role of Trees In Increasing Property Value

Trees play a number of roles in increasing the property value of homes throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality and surrounding Nova Scotia communities.

  • Trees, shrubs, & landscaping can increase or decrease curb appeal of properties.
  • Maintained trees & landscape can increase property value 5-10%.
  • Trees & shrubs that have not been maintained can be a liability.
  • Overcrowded landscapes can be too high maintenance for some home buyers.
  • Trees & shrubs sometimes block windows, views, & attractive property features.
  • Removal of some trees or shrubs may be necessary to show features of the house.
  • Deadwood should be removed from trees & shrubs for aesthetic & safety reasons.
  • Trees can sometimes present hazards.
  • Trees & shrubs should be shaped & contained so they are not overwhelming and are attractive.
  • Trees may sometimes need to be pruned or removed to allow a certain scenic view of a lake or landscape feature.

Jerry Lynds, a Halifax Realtor with Keller Williams is an expert at advising his clients on how small investments in their property can fetch them a decent return when it comes time to sell their homes. Jerry believes that investment in the trees on your property is an important step to increasing the curb appeal and value of a property.

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