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Fire Proofing

Fire Proofing Your Property and Landscape

Protecting your trees and landscape from wildfires is more essential today than ever before. Nova Scotia’s weather patterns and climate are being impacted by global warming and climate change. Winters are becoming more mild, with less snowfall. Springs are remaining cool, but with little precipitation compared to years ago. The summers are becoming increasingly hotter …

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Fire Related Tree Damage

Fire Related Tree Damage

Source: Fire related tree damage can have a huge impact on your residential landscape.  Depending on the intensity, duration, and type of fire, significant damage can occur to your beloved trees.  Out-of-control fires can harm trees by completely consuming them or partially scorching them. The extent of damage varies depending on the type of tree, …

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Arbor Plant Health Care has Arborjet!

What is Arborjet? Arborjet Tree Injection System Arborjet is an advanced injection system used in the plant health care industry that is currently being offered by Arbor Plant Health Care.  The Arborjet system uses a patent-pending Arborplug design to deliver and release a broad range of pest control, disease control, and nutritional products directly into …

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tree services in Halifax

Why hire a professional tree care services company?

Expertise: Professional tree care services companies have the expertise and experience to handle different tree-related tasks, including removals, pruning, trimming, and stump grinding. They know how to do these tasks safely and effectively, minimizing the risk of damage to your property or injury to people. Safety: Tree work can be dangerous, especially when it involves …

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Winter Tree Pruning

Did you know winter can be one of the best times to prune most trees?  When the tree enters dormancy, the overall structure can easily be seen without leaves.  Broken branches and weak or poor branch attachments become more visible.  Winter tree pruning allows the cuts to me made in the winter giving the tree …

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spring clean up

Spring Clean Up

It’s spring clean up time again! Was the long winter hard on your trees and shrubs? Need a spring clean up? Contact us today to book a free inspection of your property by a certified arborist. Remember the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Spring is a great time for tree …

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