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plant health care

Plant Health Care

How will my trees and shrubs benefit from Plant Health Care?   The most common reason a tree owner calls an arborist is concern that something is wrong with a tree. Ornamental trees and shrubs can quickly succumb to problems.  Sometimes the cause of concern is a minor problem that is easily explained and corrected. Other times …

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vertical mulching

Vertical Mulching

What is vertical mulching?    A vertical mulching process is the procedure where many holes are made in the soil of the root zone surrounding the tree with the purpose of creating many entryways for air, moisture, and nutrients. This can benefit trees that have undergone construction damage, soil compaction, and areas that have too much …

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Tree Preservation

Tree Preservation Services During Construction

Why is tree preservation important during construction? The construction process can impact trees negatively in the following ways: Cutting, crushing or damage to the root system Compacting soil in the root zone Injure the trunk, major roots and crown Heat damage Chemical damage Root collar damage Consulting with a certified arborist at Arbor Plant Health …

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