Tree Services in Halifax and vicinity

Arbor Plant Health Care provides complete care and management services for trees and shrubs. Residential and Commercial Services.  Fully insured, safety conscious and competitively priced.

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Tree Trimming in Halifax

Tree Trimming Services Do your trees need to be trimmed or pruned on your property? Arbor Plant Health Care is here to help! Tree trimming is important to keep your plants and trees healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. Why Do You Need Our Tree Trimming Services? Many people do not realize the importance of keeping

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Tree Planting in Halifax

Tree Planting There are many factors to consider when planting a tree.  Maybe first to consider is your purpose or reason to plant the tree. Are you looking for shade or a particular landscaping aesthetic objective?  Do you want a wind-break, a visual border with a neighbour or do you want to define a drive

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Forest Enhancement Programs

Forest Enhancement Programs Many homeowners throughout Nova Scotia own properties that have a forested area. Arbor Plant Health Care’s ISA Certified Arborists and Tree Workers can help both residential and commercial woodlot owners make good use of these areas and assist or direct in the management of those woodlots. Wood Lot and Forest Enhancement Programs in

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Tree Transplanting

Tree Transplanting call (902) 223-4028 for a free quote Arbor Plant Health Care has certified arborists on staff ready to carry out professional tree transplanting services. Tree Transplanting Service in Halifax Nova Scotia We follow all of the current best practices for tree planting, and we are happy to outline them below. If you are thinking

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What You Need to Know About Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care Programs The most common reason a tree owner calls an arborist is out of concern that something is wrong with a tree. It may be that some of the leaves are discoloured, a branch has died, or perhaps the entire tree has been dropping leaves. Sometimes the cause of concern is a

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Tree Stump Removal and Grinding

Stump Removal or stump grinding Arbor Plant Health Care offers a full shrub and tree stump removal service in Halifax Nova Scotia and surrounding communities. Tree Stump Removal or Grinding After trees are removed, you may need to have the stumps removed in order to replant another tree or to grass over an area for

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Insect and Disease Control in your Trees and Shrubs

Tree Insect and Disease Control Trees in Halifax Nova Scotia can be negatively affected by insects and/or other tree diseases. Sometimes trees and shrubs become stressed, and as a result, may become infected. This is when insect and disease control programs come in. Insect infestation in trees and shrubs can sometimes have a devastating effect

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Vertical Mulching

Vertical Mulching A vertical mulching tree service is the process of making many holes in the soil of the root zone of a particular tree with the purpose of creating many entryways for air, moisture, and nutrients to reach the roots of a given tree. Vertical Mulching Service in Halifax Nova Scotia Vertical mulching services

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Tree Support Systems

Tree Support Systems Cabling and Bracing, combined with proper pruning practices can help stabilize structurally weak trees. Proper tree support systems can help a new, weak or damaged plant. Tree Cabling in Halifax Nova Scotia Weak limbs and co-dominant stems can be supported using cabling and bracing. These support systems can help keep a tree

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Air Spade for Digging Around Roots

Air Spade for Digging Around Roots Digging Around Trees and Shrubs Without Causing Damage To the Roots An Air-Spade is a commercial grade arborist tool used to manipulate the soil and dirt around a tree’s roots. Arbor Plant Health Care offers air spade tree services throughout Nova Scotia. Air Spade Tree Services in Nova Scotia

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Fertilizing trees & shrubs

Fertilizing trees with Deep Root Fertilizing Arbor Plant Health Care offers deep root fertilizing services for your tree and shrub root systems. Fertilizing trees in Halifax Nova Scotia Deep root tree and shrub fertilizing is a process where a high quality nutrient solution is injected into the root zone of trees. The materials are injected

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Hedge Pruning and Shrub Pruning

Hedge Pruning & Shrub Pruning Proper, professional, and regular shrub and hedge pruning will add to the beauty of a well maintained landscape. Our experienced ISA certified arborists offer a range of ornamental shrub pruning services in addition to the professional tree pruning services we’re known for. A good eye and artistic ability is required

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Tree Removal Services – Tree cutting

Tree Removal Services – Tree removal Halifax Removing trees or cutting them down can be a tough decision. Although we can take many steps to preserve trees, sometimes removal may be the best or only option. Saftey to people, property or the health of other plants may require removal. Tree Removal Services in Nova Scotia

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Tree Pruning in Halifax

  Tree Pruning Services Some people call it pruning, some call it trimming, take your pick. Arbor Plant Health Care can help you with any pruning services required to keep your plants and trees healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. Tree Pruning in Halifax and Dartmouth NS Proper tree pruning techniques trees can extend their lifespan, provide

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Tree cutter

Tree cutter in Halifax. Arbor Plant Health Care cuts down trees if that needs to happen.  We cut trees safely and at very competitive prices. We will grind the stump to below ground level (if requested) and clean-up after our work. Fully insured. There are many varieties of a tree cutter, from a cowboy with a

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We offer services including property management plans, tree and shrub pruning, tree cutting, tree transplanting, and tree removal. We offer tree root collar investigations, deep root fertilization, and other services involving the use of the Air Spade tool. We also do stump grinding, tree and shrub stump removal, and essentially anything to do with trees and shrubs. We uses experienced climbers where most appropriate and also have a full line of specialty equipment to handle any job quickly and safely.

Halifax Nova Scotia Tree Cutting and Tree Removal Services

All articles were written by an Arbor Plant Health Care, ISA certified, tree care specialist from Nova Scotia. Arbor Plant Health care has certified and consulting arborist to service the HRM, Halifax, Dartmouth, Timberlea, Tantallon, Truro, Bedford, Hammonds Plains, and surrounding areas. Call or email today for a free landscaping, tree pruning, or tree removal quote.