Arbor Plant Health Care

Arborculture consulting and management services

We have been in the tree services business since 2005. Over this time we have done thousands of residential jobs and hundreds of commercial project. We have worked with municipalities, businesses and a variety of organizations to provide such urban forestry services as:

  • Tree inventories
  • Tree preservation and protection during construction
  • Tree appraisals
  • Tree Health Assessments and Management plans
  • Public Education

 Over 80% of our field employees are  certified arborist and those who are not, are working towards this certification.
We offer services as Consulting Arborist  and can advise and assist you in making sound decisions around; 
Tree preservation or protection, Tree inventory and the right mix of trees.  We can offer  assessment of and/or appraisals of tree and shrubbery vales for insurance , financing or sales reasons.   We can also offer guidance in  creating full life-cycle plans for planting, fertilizing, pruning and protection of your aborculture assets.

For any questions you have contact Dave Cooper at Arbor Plant Health care for a conversation about how we can help as wall as  references we can provide regarding other clients we have provided these services to.