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Deep Root Fertilizing

Arbor Plant Health Care offers deep root fertilizing services for your tree’s root system.

Deep Root Fertilizing in Halifax Nova Scotia

Deep root tree and shrub fertilizing is a process where a high quality nutrient solution is injected into the root zone of trees. The materials are injected into the root zone under pressure which helps aerate or provide much needed oxygen to the root system. Unlike fertilizer applications such as broadcast fertilizing, deep root fertilizing is less likely to cause ‘fertilizer burn’ as it also provides water to the plants.

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Tree and Shrub Root Fertilization Through Soil Injection

The soil injection begins just below the surface and goes to a depth of twelve inches, thus getting past the upper layer of plants such as grass and into the tree root system. Soil injection sites are placed two to three feet apart in a grid pattern under the canopy area and beyond the drip line.

Why fertilize your Trees & Shrubs?

Often in urban settings we break the nutrient cycle that trees are normally a part of in the forest. Every year we rake up leaves and remove grass clipping which over time deplete the soil of nutrients. This may cause added stress to trees and shrubs.

Roots are opportunistic and develop where ever oxygen, nutrients, and moisture are present. Ongoing deep root fertilization programs improve the oxygen content, microbial activity, and nutrient levels within the soil, leading to improved environmental conditions around and within the root zone.

Deep Root Shrub Fertilization Service in Halifax Nova Scotia

Tree and Shrub Fertilization Programs in Halifax Nova Scotia

Tree & Shrub fertilization programs should be based on soil tests, tree conditions, and environmental conditions. Every plant is different and has different requirements, and Arbor Plant Health Care understands the unique needs of the trees and shrubs found throughout Halifax Regional Municipality and surrounding communities.

Tree and shrub fertilization is an important part of a plant health care program to help keep plant healthy to help relieve the added stresses of urban environments.

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Deep Root Tree Fertilizer Service in Halifax Nova Scotia

Written on: Jan 2nd, 2007
Authored by: Arbor Plant Health Care