Forest Enhancement Programs

Many homeowners throughout Nova Scotia own properties that have a forested area. Arbor Plant Health Care’s ISA Certified Arborists and Tree Workers can help both residential and commercial woodlot owners make good use of these areas and assist or direct in the management of those woodlots.

Wood Lot and Forest Enhancement Programs in Halifax Nova Scotia

Forested areas and large woodlots can become liabilities if left unchecked. Arbor Plant Health Care can help enhance these areas. This is achieved through programs which strive to make the lots both usable and attractive at the same time.

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Services to Enhance Neglected Woodlots and Forested Lands in Nova Scotia

Since hurricane Juan hit in 2003, many people have neglected these forested areas not knowing how to approach them. There are often many fallen trees and areas where new trees are growing back at a density rate that is too thick. These areas need to be managed.

Arbor Plant Health Care can help you put together a plan to clean up these forest areas, develop new young trees, and make this area into a usable part of your property.

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Forest Enhancement Programs Management by Certified Arborists in Halifax Nova Scotia

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