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Hedge Pruning and Shrub Pruning

Hedge Pruning & Shrub Pruning

Proper, professional, and regular shrub and hedge pruning will add to the beauty of a well maintained landscape. Our experienced ISA certified arborists offer a range of ornamental shrub pruning services in addition to the professional tree pruning services we’re known for.

A good eye and artistic ability is required to obtain the desired results.

Hedge Pruning Services in Halifax Nova Scotia

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There is an art and science to proper shrub pruning, and Arbor Plant Health Care’s ISA Certified Arborists have the training and experience to provide professional services in Halifax Nova Scotia. We are trained and experienced in this kind of work, but our focus is more on tree work and we offer landscape services primarily to customers who need work done on trees.

Shrub Pruning Services in Halifax Nova Scotia

There are a number of techniques that could be applied to get the desired results:

  • Natural Hand Hedge and Shrub Pruning: helps to shape and contain the plant and promote good health and interior plant growth.
  • Rejuvenation Pruning: this depends on the season and type of shrub, involves pruning a shrub back hard to almost create a new shrub.
  • Shearing: can make a shrub or hedge look more formal and should be combined with natural hand pruning to promote interior growth.

Arbor Plant Health Care offers hedge pruning services in Halifax, Fall River, Dartmouth, St. Margarets Bay, and surrounding areas.
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Shrub Pruning Services in Halifax Nova Scotia
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