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Tree Insect & Disease Control

Trees in Halifax Nova Scotia can be negatively affected by insects and/or other tree disease. Sometimes trees and shrubs become stressed, and as a result, may become infected with insects and disease.

Insect infestation in trees and shrubs can sometimes have a devastating effect on the health of that tree or shrub. If left unchecked for long enough, the diseased tree or shrub may be lost for good.

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Tree Pest Removal in Halifax Nova Scotia

Ideally we keep our trees as healthy as possible through proper cultural practices to prevent them from becoming susceptible to insects and diseases.

Many regard insects and disease in trees and shrubs as a secondary issue, but it reaches a point where it may be desirable to control these pests in order to preserve the health and life of the tree.

Environmental Tree Disease Control Services

There are a number of environmentally friendly ways of controlling insects in trees as well as other diseases which may be affecting the tree. These methods include the use of dormant oil, horticultural soaps, BT, natural predators, and tree injections.

Tree Insect Management and Removal Services

Tree and Shrub Insect and Disease Prevention Service

The best way to combat this problem is to be proactive and keep trees healthy and vigorous to prevent insects and disease from becoming an issue.

If you have already lost trees to diseases and/or insect infestation, we can also provide fast and professional diseased tree removal services.

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insect and disease control
This tree is leaking sap after being killed by an insect infestation.

Written on: Dec 23rd, 2006
Authored by: Arbor Plant Health Care