tree planting in Halifax

Tree Planting

There are many factors to consider when planting a tree.  Maybe first to consider is your purpose or reason to plant the tree. Are you looking for shade or a particular landscaping aesthetic objective?  Do you want a wind-break, a visual border with a neighbour or do you want to define a drive or pathway?

Tree planting in Halifax

Tree planting in Halifax will require different consideration than tree planting in more rural locations. Once you are clear about the reasons for planing a tree, then consider the species to use.   This will depend not only on the purpose of the plant but also the soil, light and wind conditions. Abror Nova Scotia is staffed and run by trained and certified Arborists. Every job we do is done by certified Arborists.   In fact, the people who come out to your house to quote the job are the same trained and certified Arborist that will be doing the work.  We know what we are doing from the start to the completion of your project.  Click here to arrange a no-cost quote for any kind of Tree Plantingtransplanting, fertilization or pruning. We are Plant Health Care experts. We take care of plants starting with planning. Then getting them planted in the right place, fertilizing and pruning.  We also take care of removal when required.

Tree Planting in Halifax and other plant health care.

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