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Tree cutter in Halifax.

Arbor Plant Health Care cuts down trees if that needs to happen.  We cut trees safely and at very competitive prices. We will grind the stump to below ground level (if requested) and clean-up after our work.

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Fully insured.

There are many varieties of a tree cutter, from a cowboy with a chainsaw and pickup truck to trained and certified arborists, like those at Arbor Plant Health Care. We will show you our current-year insurance policies when we quote you a price that we stand behind.

A tree cutter may know what they are doing, or they may not.

A tree cutter may be trained, certified, experienced, insured and backed by a skilled team. They may use safety equipment and the right tools & equipment to do the job cost-effectively.
On the other hand, they may just have a chainsaw.

Tree cutter in Nova Scotia.

A low hourly rate offered by someone who takes twice as long to do the job, may not equal a good price. A low hourly rate offered by a company who has expired liability insurance may not be such a great deal. We will provide a competitive fair price that we will stand behind and show valid current insurance when we bid the job.

Sometimes a tree cutter needs to climb the tree. Other times a bucket-truck is the best choice for a cost-effective job. Sometimes safety requires a 3 or 4 person crew.  Arbor Plant Health Care provides much more than ‘a guy with a chainsaw’, we provide excellent work, at realistic prices and peace of mind.