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Tree Transplanting

Arbor Plant Health Care has certified arborists on staff ready to carry out professional tree transplanting services.

Tree Transplanting Service in Halifax Nova Scotia

We follow all of the current best practices for tree planting, and we are happy to outline them below. If you are thinking of enhancing your landscape through the addition of trees, Arbor Plant Health Care can help.

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Think of the tree you just purchased as a lifetime investment. How well your tree, and investment, grows depends on the type of tree and location you select for planting, the care you provide when the tree is planted, and follow-up care the tree receives after planting.

Shrub Transplanting and Tree Planting Services in Halifax and Dartmouth NS

Arbor Plant Health Care arborists are trained in this nine step process. We can help with any shrub planting or tree planting work you have in or around Halifax, Dartmouth, Fall River, Bedford, St. Margaret’s Bay, and surrounding areas.

When to Hire a Tree Service for Tree Transplanting and Shrub Transplanting

The ideal time to plant trees and shrubs is during the dormant season and in the fall after leaf drop or early spring before bud break. Weather conditions are cool and allow plants to establish roots in the new location before spring rains and summer heat stimulate new top growth. However, trees properly cared for in the nursery or garden center, and given the appropriate care during transport to prevent damage, can be planted throughout the growing season. In either situation, proper handling during planting is essential to ensure a healthy future for new trees and shrubs. Before you begin planting your tree, be sure you have had all underground utilities located prior to digging.

Tree Transplanting Services and Tree Moving Services in Halifax Nova Scotia
Commercial Tree Transplanting Services are Offered by Arbor Plant Health Care in Halifax and Dartmouth NS and Surrounding Communities

Our ISA Certified Arborists and Tree Workers can advise according to your unique tree planting or shrub planting needs. Call us today!

Written on: May 6th, 2005
Authored by: Arbor Plant Health Care