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Winter Tree Pruning Service

Often we do not think about pruning our trees in the winter. Trees are the last thing on our mind. It is a cold time of year (especially in Nova Scotia) with short days and we spend less time in the yard.

 Winter Tree Pruning Services in Nova Scotia

Winter can be the most advantageous time of year to prune large shade trees and ornamental trees.

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Tree Pruning Services in the Winter

Trees go dormant in late fall and winter. Basically the dormant period is from the time trees loose their leaves until bud break in the spring. There are a number of benefits to performing tree pruning operations this time of year. First, work can be performed with less interruption as the yard is less intensely used this time of year. Further the ground is frozen allowing heavy equipment across lawns. Perennials are dormant which gives crews less obstacles to avoid. Thus work can be performed more efficiently saving time and money.

Dormant pruning is a stimulating process. Trees respond more consistently to winter pruning. Pruning wounds made in the winter close faster then those made in the summer months. In the winter months there is reduced insect and disease populations and thus little chance for trees to become infected.

Evaluating a Tree’s Structure

The winter months also provide a great opportunity for arborist to evaluate a trees structure. With all the leaves fallen, the branch structure is easily seen. It is similar to the x-ray of a human skeleton. The bare framework allows arborist to more easily and quickly evaluate the structure of a tree and to decide what pruning action should take place to benefit the tree. If action is required, branches are easier to work with as there is no added weight of the leaves.

Our Arborists Are Available in the Winter Months

It should also not be overlooked that arborist are more available during the winter months. Spring through to fall arborist are often busy shrub pruning, applying fertilizers and controlling insects and disease. Arborist can provide quicker service in the winter and pruning can provide the most benefit to your trees. Plan ahead. The pruning you do this winter will benefit your trees next spring!

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