Arbor Plant Health Care


Are you looking for just the best price tree cutting…

best price tree cutting

…or the most work done for what you are paying?

Arbor Plant Health Care will give you a fair price.

The price we quote will be what you pay.  And we will do the work safely, quickly and will clean up when we are done.  We are fully insured for liability, property damage and workers compensation.  We will show you the current year insurance policies and don’t just say we are insured.
Anyone can buy a pickup truck and a chainsaw and offer you the best price tree cutting then charge more when the job is done.   A low hourly rate is not the best way to determine how much work will get done at a particular price. Do you want the lowest cost or the best value?  Arbor is not always the lowest price, but we believe you will always get high value and peace of mind.