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Vertical Mulching

A vertical mulching tree service is the process of making many holes in the soil of the root zone of a particular tree with the purpose of creating many entryways for air, moisture, and nutrients to reach the roots of a given tree.

Vertical Mulching Service in Halifax Nova Scotia

Vertical mulching services are typically performed using an air spade, and the overall process can greatly improve the overall health and vigour of any tree. Holes are backfilled with different organic materials to help improve soil aeration and to reduce compaction.

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This can be very beneficial to trees with construction damage, very compacted soils, and where trees have been backfilled with too much soil.

Vertical Mulching Service for Tree Root Zone Management

Vertical mulching is part of an overall tree root zone management plan. Arbor Plant Health Care’s Certified Arborists are experienced in such root zone management planning and implementation. It can also be implemented in conjunction with our root collar excavation services.

Additionally, Arbor Plant Health Care staff are experienced in organic soil care programs and we can provide high quality organic soil to be used in the mulching process.

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Vertical Mulching Service With Root Collar Excavation in Halifax Nova Scotia

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